Jun. 9th, 2012 09:21 pm
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★As with all characters from the series, Sollux has a particular typing quirk.

-> He types in icky mustard, the same colour as his blood.
-> He doubles his 'i' letters
-> Replaces 's' with '2'
-> Too/To become two.

2o when put twogether hii2 text end2 up readiing 2omethiing liike thii2.
whiich can be faiirly annoyiing.

If you want me to drop just the color or the whole color/quirk thing, please let me know here! I will provide translations regardless in any text entries he makes to the network.

★ Sollux speaks with a lisp which effects his 'S' sounds. Too many fangs, man. This means that when talking:

"He will end up thounding thomething like thith."

It can get pretty confusing and hard to read depending on what he is saying so if you would prefer a translation or for me to drop that all together then let me know here.

★ One thing about Sollux is that he has some capability of seeing the future, along with hearing the voices of those that are going to die. Although it is going to be left untouched for the most part it is possible that if someone on the ship was going to be killed he might start hearing the victim's voice. Just so you know, for plot purposes!
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leave a me22age here and ii'll get back two iit.


Jun. 9th, 2012 09:17 pm
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Concrit is welcomed!
People that come to complain without anything to back it up, not so much.

IP Logging off, Anon and Screening on!
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Name: Draggy
Are you over 16?: Yes
Personal DW: [personal profile] draggy
Timezone: PST (GMT -8)
Other contact: AIM: draggycakes PLURK: [ profile] draggycakes
Characters already in the game: N/A
How did you find us?: Through characters that play here!


Character name: Sollux Captor
Fandom: Homestuck
Timeline: Chilling out in the hornpile with Feferi
Age: 6 Solar Sweeps (~13 human years)
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Player Information

Name: Draggy
Age: 27
AIM SN: draggycakes
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes.
Currently Played Characters: N/A
Conditional: Activity Check Link: N/A
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Here

Application )


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